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Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.

Just a soul whose intentions are good


Winston Smith

What is the point of this blog?

Conspiracy is neither my obsession, nor my guilty pleasure. My interest lies in the multifarious ways in which we are, as a society and as a culture, being manipulated from behind the curtain. I became aware of social conditioning/culture manipulation whilst quite young and yet I still somehow failed to see how it had affected my own thinking until well into middle age.

Conditioning is everywhere in our culture and those who practice it in order to advance certain agendas are past masters at its many forms. I therefore offer the information presented within this blog as an overview of the many methods that the manipulators of our society can and do use, to their advantage and our cost.

I’m aware that many who read these posts will be coming to much of what is covered here cold. And so, I have compiled this brief glossary of terms as an aid to understanding the concepts here covered.




Disinformation: The dissemination of false data or the deliberate omission of part or all of the facts pertaining to important information.

Straw man argument: Focusing debate or attention on selected – cherry picked – points of the opponent’s thesis to give a false interpretation of their meaning, or bring their motives into question.

Cognitive dissonance: Mental conflict occurring when assumptions or beliefs are contradicted by new information.

Group think: A lazy form of thinking where the individual prefers to adopt the opinions of their peers rather than make the effort to figure things out for themself. Once an individual has made a commitment to group think, it can be difficult and even dangerous to challenge their paradigm.

Cultural Marxism: Unlike traditional Marxism, which is economics based, Cultural Marxism focuses on culture. It maintains that all human behavior stems from the culture. Adherents can be characterised by their belief in a collectivist future, brought about by infiltration of the system via academia, the media and the political establishment. They believe in change from within enacted incrementally.

False flag: Essentially a self inflicted wound designed to implicate an enemy to justify an intended aggression against them.




Hegelian dialectic: The dialectic, put simply, involves taking two opposing ideas; Thesis and Antithesis (eg. Capitalism and Communism, Left wing and Right wing, Theism and atheism) and putting them into conflict. After a time the two arguments begin to take on aspects of their opposite, in effect creating a third way, known as Synthesis. The blending of Capitalism and Communism creates a kind of collectivist fascism. The blending of Theism and Atheism creates New Age type quasi religions.

Agenda 21: Not what it appears to be, but rather the very epitome of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

New World Order: This is not, I believe, the name of an organisation as is commonly claimed, but rather, a scheme that has been running beneath the surface of our society for well over one hundred years. It is the planned take down of the Nation State by a cabal of elitist Oligarchs. They have been working tirelessly for a world (radically reduced in population) collectivised and controlled by a global police state apparatus.

Illuminati: This name, which you will rarely find used on this blog, should be considered a general term intended to describe the more occult (hidden) aspects of New World Order conspiracy. I feel that it is generally used inappropriately and most often (though not always) by COINTELPRO operatives trying to discredit those who question.

Operation Gladio: Though the code name is only really relevant in Italy, it has come to refer to the top secret ‘stay behind armies’ which NATO put in place, in almost every European country, to act as a sort of behind the lines guerrilla force should the West be overrun by Soviet conventional forces. These largely right wing or Fascist groups had members reaching right up into governments, Police, Military and other Establishment organizations. When WWIII failed to materialise, these CIA backed fanatics began to use their resources and networks against Leftist groups, even going so far as to commit terrorist atrocities and blaming them on the Red brigade. These atrocities are even said to have included the bombing of the Bologna railway station and the kidnapping and murder of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro.

Tavistock: The Tavistock Institute pretends to be a benign charitable NGO, but is actually a key component in the creation of social manipulation and mind control techniques.

What they claim to be.

What they are accused of being.

Skull and Bones: A fraternal secret society operating out of Yale University. Included in its list of members are many notables of the power elite including Presidents. This group is, by definition, occult.

I will add more to this section as time permits.


Bibliography of essential texts

I would further wish to direct the reader’s attention to the following essential readings. If you have not had access to any of these books then you have little chance of understanding the world you find yourself living in.

John A Stormer: None dare call it Treason

Gary Allen: None dare call it Conspiracy

Dr Anthony Sutton: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution 

Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler

America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones

The federal Reserve Conspiracy

Carroll Quigley: Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

The Anglo-American Establishment 

Holly Sklar: Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management

Edward Bernays: Propaganda

Zbigniew Brzezinski: The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives

Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era

John Coleman: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

David Ray Griffin: The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, the Cover-Up, and the Exposé

Michael C Ruppert: Crossing the Rubicon

Webster Griffin Tarpley: 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA

Eustace Mullins: The Secrets of the Federal Reserve

Niki Raapana, Nordica Friedrich: 2020: Our Common Destiny and The Anti Communitarian Manifesto

Cathy O’Brien, Mark Phillips: Trance: Formation of America

David McGowan: Weird scenes inside the canyon 

Programmed to kill: the politics of serial murder

Other books of note: Confessions of an economic hit man by John Perkins, The shock doctrine by Naomi Klein, Debunking 9/11 debunking by David Ray Griffin, Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee’s Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy by David Ray Griffin.

Hey man, what’s with all the wiki quotes?

I have occasionally been criticised for relying too much on a certain online encyclopedia. I am only too aware that Wikipedia is, in general, an unreliable source. Many of the moderators on there are in the employ of the Intelligence community and it has long been a vehicle for the dissemination of disinformation. That said, I made an editorial decision at the very beginning that I would make it as easy as possible for people to check any facts I use to back up my ‘opinions’ (after all, I’m not writing academic papers here, I’m trying to help speed the day that ‘hundredth monkey’ makes the connection).

This should in no way be taken to mean that I use Wikipedia as my primary research tool. I quote it when I know it is correct on a particular point simply because I’m only too aware that many people do use it and, in many cases, simply won’t bother to read anything that isn’t easy to access online. I fact check everything I print, to the best of my ability. And I have a large personal collection of well-thumbed books on history, science and politics to hand. This may only be a blog, but I take what I do here very seriously.

I would also ask that if, whilst using this site, you come across a dead or broken link, please let me know so that I can fix it promptly.

2000 years a slave


Winston Smith




Get this straight, slavery was never abolished, it was simply expanded to include  everyone. We are all born directly into debt slavery, obligated to pay interest on loans  taken out by people we’ll never meet before we were ever born. Governments borrow money (even though they’ve always had the ability to print their own) from central banks, at interest, to spend on the projects they hope will get them another term in office. The income tax you are forced to pay out of the money you have rightfully earned goes towards paying off the interest on those loans.

Sound fair to you?

Ah, you say, but if I’m paid for my efforts, I can’t be a slave.

Slavery is about not having choices, it’s about being forced to live your life according to another’s dictates. The exchange of tiny pieces of paper, which only have value because the person who gives them to you says they do and because you accept their version of reality, is quite beside the point.

Sure, you can use those pieces of paper – or money if you prefer – to buy a house, or a car, or go on holiday but the people who give you the money in the first place can take all of those things away from you anytime they choose, purely based on their own say so and there is not a blessed thing you can do about it.

You are forced to live an entirely unnatural life, commuting every morning with the rest of the dead-eyed ants, working at largely meaningless tasks in artificially lit fake environments. You are forced to endure task related stress whilst also stressing about your loved ones who you never get to spend enough time with. And all the while there is the unspoken threat that, if you do not perform to your optimum capacity, the job you hate might be taken from you and given to a more deserving sla – er  worker.

To recap:

  • Born into debt.
  • Forced to work for the profit of others simply to survive.
  • Forced to pay a portion of what you earn to banks.
  • Only allowed to keep what you own at someone else’s discretion.
  • Threatened with starvation or imprisonment if you don’t comply.

That doesn’t sound just a teeny bit like slavery to you?

That’s probably partly due to the fact that those who run the slave market have indoctrinated and unleashed an army of useful idiots to run around constantly harping on about how it’s all of us who are the oppressors. We’re the ones who keep ‘the people’ (whoever they may be – I could have sworn they were us) down. They make movies, write books and form movements all designed to instill guilt about the actions of people who were already dead long before our grandparents were born, as if those actions are somehow our responsibility.

It seems guilt, like debt, is something we are born into; sounds legit.

By constantly telling us we’re somehow to blame for all the oppression that goes on, they hope the self loathing they generate will keep us from noticing that we are the oppressed. This is a clever tactic because it gets the sheep to police their own thoughts. This is the true purpose of Cultural Marxism. Control through guilt, basically.

They put the 18th century slavery model so in our faces that we don’t realise they’re actually running a 2000 year old Roman model; quite successfully too. That model had, and has, nothing to do with skin colour, it was, and is, about domination based on privilege and might. In ancient times, anyone could become a slave under the Roman system and in our time, pretty much everybody has.

The modern twist is that they don’t call it slavery anymore. And neither do we slaves. We sometimes believe our lives to be, at worst, a form of serfdom because we get paid for our labour in fiat currency and don’t have to wear chains.

Call it serfdom if it helps you sleep better at night (at least you’re not deluding yourself that you are free). The truth, however, is that chains don’t have to be physical. And cops tasing a soccer mom, an old person, or a child because they don’t like their attitudes, is not that different from a man flogging his field hand for running away. If they can do these things to us, often without fear of sanction, then how can we call ourselves free?


Lord of the Reds

Winston Smith




Over the past couple of days, I have found myself embroiled in a fairly pointless argument with a couple of Sanders devotees. I say pointless because there’s really no arguing with people who have been captured by an ideology.

Sanders is the new shiny toy being dangled before the American voter. And, don’t get me wrong, on paper, if you put the whole Nordic model socialist thing to the side for a moment, Sanders looks pretty good on many issues.

Sanders stood against the insidious trade deals like the TPP that the current puppet, Obama (you know, the last shiny toy) is only too happy to go along with. Sanders also fought for (and won) GMO labeling in his state.

His views on US foreign involvement are less impressive; reactionary and disturbingly imperialist.

That said, compared to most of his current rivals for the Oval office, he looks pretty good on many issues. And that’s my problem.

Sanders has downplayed his socialist beliefs quite noticeably on the campaign trail, focusing instead on words like ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’. Good words….good words. It’s in the application of those words, however, that the whole socialist aspect of Sanders’ persona comes into play.

Socialists have a very specific idea about how fairness and equality should be achieved. A socialist believes in the human rights of all, but not the actual rights of the free individual. The group is everything to the socialist. And this really is the crux of the matter. By ignoring the fact that ‘the group’ is actually a collection of individuals, socialism persuades its own followers to voluntarily surrender many of their individual freedoms.

Under socialism, if you put a priority on your own needs or happiness, you are considered selfish and antisocial. You must always put the needs of the group before your own; this is known as collectivism. In a collectivist society, the individual is subsumed within the collective. This can only work if all involved are willing to think and act along exactly the same lines. There’s simply no room for individualism under a collectivist doctrine.

The red herring that Sanders supporters like to throw up is that it is wrong to compare communist regimes to socialism as proposed and practiced by Sanders. What they fail to understand, or choose to misrepresent is that socialism and communism are two extremely similar forms of collectivism. Socialism is only slightly less dictatorial than communism has proven to be. It still operates under the same notion of centralized government, forced adherence to political correctness, and excessive powers granted to the state.

Socialism, like communism, denies the ability of community and family to help those in need and places all responsibility for such help under the power of the state. It denies that education should be about choices and instead makes it about state controlled indoctrination. In the guise of providing health care* for all, it takes control of all medical information handling and uses that information for non-medical purposes.

People hold up countries like Canada, Sweden, and Denmark as examples of places where socialism has achieved power and worked successfully. One should probably ask activists in Canada about how benevolent their socialist masters have been. I’m constantly told that socialism isn’t a form of totalitarianism. You should perhaps watch this video before making such statements.


No police state here…. And that was to protect a meeting of capitalists…. Sweden and Denmark are also held up as shiny jewels of utopian optimism. Which is weird considering that Denmark is actually a constitutional monarchy. Social democrats are the center-left party there, but are not strictly socialists (they don’t preach government should own the means of production for instance) and are not always the party in power.

However, though the current government in Denmark is actually the center-right party, socialist thinking is now so fundamental to Scandinavians that it would appear they permeate both sides of the divide.

Sweden too has never embraced full socialism. The current system is a result of a merging of capitalism and socialism into a third way (how very Hegelian).

Here are the points at which Swedish politics and socialism converge These are not my words, nor necessarily my views (they come via Quora). I have underlined the phrases that for me are the crux of what I feel is wrong with socialist thinking.

  1. Redistribution and focus on social issues has made the Swedish society one of the most “equal” in the world. Gender equality, income equality, equality in the workplace…you name it. This is a point of pride for most Swedes.
  2. During the Cold War the Social Democratic Party developed the concept Folkhemmet , a kind of utopian vision of a middle way between capitalism and socialism. Through gradual reforms the aim was to eliminate income differences, encouraging collectivism and collaboration across social classes to advance the national interest. As a result, Swedes have a very strong attachment to the State, and less so to the family or their local community.
  3. Other “leftist” ideas are important in Sweden, above all feminism and environmentalism. This is true even for parties on the “right” side of the political spectrum in Sweden.

Denmark may not be socialist, but it is the country where certain collectivist policies (coming, I suspect, more from the EU than the Danes themselves) regarding refugees have led desperate citizens to pay for billboards that read “if you are a rapist, come to Denmark, the government won’t arrest you.” This refers to the situation created by social justice policies towards Muslim ‘refugees’.

Said refugees have flooded into Scandinavian countries over the last decade and as a result there have been a simply staggering number of rapes of Scandinavian women by said refugees (who absolutely refuse to properly assimilate).

This is bad enough, but it is the attitude of the government towards this problem that shows the true idiocy of collectivist dogma and in particular its favourite tool, political correctness.

If a Scandinavian man rapes a woman, he is arrested and tried as a sexual deviant. The penalties if he is convicted are justifiably harsh. However, if a refugee rapes a Scandinavian woman, the most likely result will be that she will be ‘criticized’ for arousing her assailant.

This has occurred across most of Scandinavia and has now spread to other parts of Europe where the collectivist EU holds sway.

And these are the examples that Sanders supporters hold up as working models. I’m sorry, but I value my individuality, I’m not a robot that can be programmed to spout meaningless politically correct and dogmatic phrases, like a character from 1984.

Is Sanders a bad man? I really have no idea, but it hardly matters. Even if he were Gandalf himself, I would not trust him with the reins of power. I remember well that scene in the Peter Jackson adaption of the Fellowship of the ring where Frodo begs Gandalf to take the ring from him. The wizard grows angry and refuses saying:

“Don’t tempt me Frodo! I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. Understand Frodo, I would use this Ring from a desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.”

That’s socialism in a nutshell, it promises so much good, but it inevitably ends in totalitarianism and absurdity.





*’Socialist’ Canada is often cited as having the best health care in the world, but as this Canadian website points out, it is actually 10th by most measures.

And predicatably…


If you find this site useful in any way, you may want to think about archiving it offline. With Obama’s traitorous signing of the TPP and related trade deals, sites like this one are probably going to disappear from the internet.


3 predictions for the next 5 to 10 years

Prediction one; Left Wing murder squads.

The Left have now become so dangerous to those who don’t go along with their increasingly twisted ideologies that I predict a return to the bad old days of the 1970’s. The difference being that many of the Left Wing terrorist acts in the 1970’s tuned out to be Right Wing fascists posing as the Red Brigade under Operation GLADIO. This time it will actually be hard core Leftists killing anyone who questions their dogma.

Prediction two; Walled enclave cities.

This is something that’s been coming for a while and with the drop of the second shoe (yes, that’s right, in case you haven’t been paying attention GFC pt.2 is now well under way) we are going to see the retreat into enclave cities of the super-rich. This will begin within the next 10 years and in case you’re wondering how this is going to affect you, all the healthcare, civil protection and clean water will be behind those Israel style walls.

Prediction three; Man breasts.

This is coming, I guarantee it. Within the next 5 years, it will become fashionable amongst the tragically hip (read brainwashed morons) for men to have breasts like women; it’s already beginning. With all the chemical crap they now put in our food, unless you are willing to spend most of your free time in the gym, it’s actually very hard not to develop breasts.

The fashion industry will jump on this and encourage otherwise normal looking men to develop breasts. Products will appear to make this possible without surgery. This one fits with the agenda to feminise men.




There you have it, my 3 predictions. I’m pretty confident all 3 will come true, but only time will tell.





Say hello wave goodbye





There’s something that the activists of the Left have completely failed to comprehend; they basically all work (gratis) for the very globalist corporations they claim to despise. I should probably clarify that; the vast majority have failed to comprehend it, there are plenty in the leadership who, I am sure, comprehend this fact just fine.

By some who read this, I will be instantly labelled a Right Wing Conspiracy Theorist or worse (people do love their labels), however, I do not align with the Right and this is not just theory.

Europe is currently experiencing a flood of immigration from the less stable (basically because we destabilized them) parts of the globe. Millions of, mostly Muslim, mostly young, mostly male immigrants have been pouring into multiple European countries; literally millions, with millions more on the way.

There has naturally been a great deal of disquiet from the existent populations of these countries who fear that vast numbers of people from another culture (one that is not really known for its willingness to merge or blend with Western values or ideals) may begin to subsume their own cultures.

These people rightly question their governments’ motives in allowing such unfettered access to their homelands to people from places that have long been identified as threat risks in these times of, so called, heightened security.

The governments would have us believe that they are acting out of altruism and kindness (ludicrous, they barely give a damn about their own peoples and give less of one for third world populations), but the truth is that it is the corporations that have been lobbying the EU, US, UK, and Commonwealth governments to take as many of these refugees as possible.

The reason they are doing this is simple enough to ravel. It has long been their goal to bring down the standard of living in the West, to in effect, destroy the middle class. And, in case you haven’t noticed, they’ve been doing a pretty efficient job of it. This latest gambit is, I’m sure, designed to close the deal.

And so, the angry young things of the Left who profess to hate the corporations (except the ones who make their groovy phones of course) are in fact helping to facilitate a hostile corporate takeover of the entire Western World; one that will see us all working for the same slave wages currently being offered to, and gratefully accepted by, the current waves of immigrants.

This is an irony that is completely lost on most ‘activists’, so mired are they in the stinking bog of dogma they call political awareness. It’s not the first time useful idiots have been used in this way, but it does rather beg the question, are these people ever going to wake up to the scam?

But Winston, that’s ridiculous, if we are all impoverished, who will buy the corporations’ products?

Fair comment, but let this little factoid sink in for a moment; the new and rapidly expanding middle class of India is already larger than the entire population of the continental United States. China has a similar population demographic.

If you suddenly just got that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach you remember from when that girl or guy you really liked in high school, dumped you for a better model, welcome to the New World Order.

The following video is obviously agenda driven. It is in fact a piece of unapologetic propaganda designed to sway your opinion. That said, you would have to be pretty brainwashed not to see that there is much in its message to be deeply concerned about.



For the record, before anyone starts throwing around all sorts of abusive insults designed to stifle debate, I harbor no animosity towards Islam or the Muslim people. I am, very sympathetic to the plight of all the refugees that our imperialist wars are creating around the world. That said, this is plain bad policy and needs to be rethought.


Discourse with delusion


-Winston Smith

“According to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Kremlin advisers were the first to widely use the term (Political Correctness). They did so without a trace of irony. Calling someone “politically correct” in Soviet Russia meant they toed the party line. A PC Kremlin insider was one who could reflect what Moscow was thinking—exactly the sort of person who would go far.”

~ Morris M.

“The asylum seekers are also overwhelmingly male. Of the 411,567 refugees/migrants who have entered the European Union by sea so far this year, 72% have been male, 13% women and 15% children, according to calculations by the United Nations Refugee Agency. Information about the gender of those arriving by land remains unavailable.

“Of the asylum seekers arriving in Germany in 2014, 71.5% of those between ages 16 and 18 were male; 77.5% in the 18-25 age group were male; as were 73.5% of those between 25 and 30, according to German migration statistics. Data for 2015 is not yet available.”

~ Soeren Kern Gatestone Institute


I get asked a lot, what my objection is to the ideological doctrine that has come to be known as Political Correctness. I’m frankly baffled by this question (particularly as it is a term most commonly used as a form of disparagement). To me the answer is self evident.

Political Correctness is anathema to all freedom and self determination. It is in fact totalitarianism by stealth.

Let’s take one of the fundamental tenants of PC thinking.

All racism is evil and must be eradicated.

That sounds fair enough on the face of it. Racism is pretty ugly, I think we can all agree on that; so the next obvious question is, how? How are you going to eradicate racist thoughts from the minds of millions of people?

PC thinking: Easy, simply make it illegal to do or say racist things.

That was not the question. How are you going to eradicate racism from the minds of millions of people?

PC thinking: Well, obviously we can’t control every thought in people’s heads. We can only influence what they actually say or do.

So what you’re saying is that your utopia (and let’s be quite clear here, we are talking about utopian thinking) involves forcing people to act entirely contrary to their own actual thoughts and opinions to conform to others’ ideas of what is appropriate; to, in effect, become fake versions of their true selves. Is this a fair assessment?

PC thinking: well yes, at first, but over time it would simply become second nature, such racist thoughts would simply not occur to people.


Here’s the thing, my thoughts are my own. The ideas, opinions, memories and experiences that I embody create a unique and specific being that is me. I am only too aware that there are traces of racism in there; sexism too. Nearly all the taboo ‘isms’ are present, to varying degrees, inside the amorphous consciousness of Winston Smith. Does that make me evil?

Of course not, it makes me human.

And this is the biggest problem I have with so called Political Correctness. Whilst declaring that all people must be recognized, celebrated and accepted, it continually denies our basic humanity.

To do so it has had to twist itself into some pretty spectacular ideological pretzels. Minorities must be given more consideration than the majority because they are by definition oppressed. A member of a racial minority cannot be racist because he or she has no power in our society and so a hatred of white people is justified and can only be called bias not racism. A woman who hates men cannot be called sexist for the same reasons that a racial minority cannot be racist.


Credit: Markus Boehm/DPA, via Associated Press.

The most recent contortions have revolved around the New Year’s Eve mass sexual assaults in Cologne Germany. I’m not going to go into the unpleasant details of those attacks here; that can all be found online easily enough.

The attacks themselves were astonishing enough. What was more astonishing still was the response from the German government and the so called feminists. The government (that has of course been bringing Muslim refugees into the country by the tens of thousands) could hardly have their own policies brought into question and so naturally have resorted to victim blaming. German women need to learn how to dress appropriately (in their own country) in front of these ‘guests’.

The many ways that this is just plain twisted should not really need to be explained here.

As bizarre as the authorities’ response may have been, the feminists have easily topped them. The first to heap scorn upon all malekind whenever one of the White-privilege flaunting, patriarchal oppressors commits a hate crime against all Earthgoddessy sisterlyhoodness, they now find themselves somewhat hoist on their own Petard.

You see, having championed the rights of all Muslim VICTIMS of the Patriarchal War Complex everywhereandforalltime to live wherever the hell they want in Europe, they have really left themselves nowhere to go if, for instance, some of these VICTIMS turn out to be less than ideal ‘ideology fodder’.

And now some of those selfsame VICTIMS have raped and assaulted their way through a small but significant portion of the local population.

The first volley the feminists fired was desultory to say the least and amounted to them saying, yeah, well, German men rape too.


Then came this little missive from Prospect magazine…

“Feminists are necessarily concerned with the protection of minorities and marginalised groups. If some of them are finding it difficult to speak up about the event because of concerns it might be used to encourage aggression against refugees, I can’t say I blame them. The fault lies not with the feminists but with those making them nervous to speak–the very same people, often, who are expressing outrage that they aren’t.

“It is usually the task of feminists to make enough noise about incidents of sexual assault that they can no longer be ignored; the Cologne attack was big enough that it received a huge amount of attention across Europe and further afield. We can only hope now that the police are successful in bringing those responsible to the courtroom and preventing further attacks, and that the women involved are given enough support.”

And Tweets that somehow managed to lay the blame squarely oooon… not the rapists.


Tweets 2

In fact, despite the truly despicable nature of the attacks (attacks that presumably cannot even be partially blamed on alcohol since Muslim men don’t imbibe) no one in the feminist camp seems willing to come out and say there may be a problem. Mass rape is apparently just a hiccup on the road to a far more homogenous world.

Once an ideology begins to contradict itself in so glaring a manner, it is only a matter of time before it begins to turn against its own.

This is how the Purges got started in Russia.

Cologne Mayor’s ‘Arm’s Length’ Advice on Sexual Attacks Stirs Outcry

Mass Sex Abuse in Cologne: Part of a Disturbing Trend among Middle East and North African immigrants

Being there


-Winston Smith


I recently re watched the Naudet brothers’ documentary 9/11 for the first time in several years. I wanted to see if it really was as blatant a piece of propaganda as I remembered.

As it turned out, it was not; it was much worse.

As I watched this time, I quickly came to the conclusion that either the two brothers were incompetent, but extremely lucky, bunglers who were completely ignorant of what they had captured on tape (utterly clueless, in fact, as to the significance of key scenes in their own film), or they knew exactly what they were making and had insider information directing them to exactly where to be and when.

If the former, then they appear to have ‘accidentally’ created a perfect piece of near genius propaganda; the entire narrative is in place from the very start.

To me the latter seems more likely, that they were either knowingly or unwittingly guided to right place right time positions capturing as if (but not actually) by dumb luck, perfect propaganda ‘vignettes’.

For those who have not seen this documentary (and I strongly recommend you do) the synopsis goes; two filmmaker brothers approach the NYC Fire Dept. with a proposal to make a movie following just one rookie from the academy through his first year as a fireman.

They just happened to pick a rookie who will end up at Ladder 1, one of the only Manhattan based fire houses to lose no one on 9/11. They spend a short time building the viewers empathy for the rookie, mostly through various scenes of on the job hazing by his ‘mentors’. Then, it’s straight into the propaganda.

There is an astonishingly blatant scene, shot outside at night, where an older fireman is giving the rookie some sage advice….in a bucket riser… rooftop level…with the brightly lit WTC right there in the background, dominating the scene. The narrative of the movie gives the impression that this is just a few days before September 11th. Quite a coincidence, no?

Naudet 911


Soon after this, there is a call-out to a ‘Gas leak” which the younger Naudet contrives to attend and shoot, on the pretense that he needs the camera experience. This call-out positions him perfectly to film the only known footage of the first plane strike on the WTC, what luck.

The ability of these two brothers, literal unknowns, to be at key positions throughout the day of 9/11 must surely be regarded with suspicion.

As the men of Ladder 1 arrive at the scene of the unfolding tragedy, it is again Jules, the younger brother who is there to film the havoc in the lobby of the towers. His camera reveals the first major anomaly of the event.

The lobby literally looks as if a bomb has been detonated. Most of the windows have been blown out and the heavy marble facings have in many places been blown from the walls of the lobby. Jules also describes two burning bodies on the floor of the lobby (which he does not film).

This is all consistent with a major explosion at or below ground level. However, according to official accounts, no such explosion occurred. The explanation for the carnage in the lobby as recounted in the film; burning jet fuel, we are told, shot down the elevator shafts from the 85th floor and into the lobby.

There is no explanation offered for how burning kerosene can blast marble off walls or blow out thick glass windows. The fact that most elevator shafts in such tall buildings never run the full height of the structure*, but rather are staggered in shorter sections is also glossed over.

We are to believe that flaming fuel could shoot from near the top of the tower and explode like a bomb below, blowing the elevator doors out and destroying a significant portion of a large marble lobby. If this fails to stretch your credulity, congratulations, you are the ideal citizen for the coming dystopia.

This film asks very few questions. When the firemen who survived the destruction describe floors popping ahead of the collapse ‘as if explosives had been planted in the buildings’ this is simply left to hang without further comment. Raging fires are described bursting from the pile during rescue efforts but no explanation as to how such fires could be burning (in the end, for several months) in an oxygen starved environment is sought or offered.

Instead they choose to continue with their focus on the rookie as if this is still the film they set out to make. And why focus on a fairly inconsequential player in the day’s events? Because this is a propaganda film and there is still one message left to deliver.

In a scene where the rookie finds out that the Pentagon is also on fire, he delivers A line something to the effect of, well I guess now it’s either stay doing what I’m doing or join the army.

Ultimately he decides to stay with his “brothers” in the department as he “prefers to save lives than take them.” However, the message has been delivered. The new expectation is that those who are able to join up and seek revenge upon the attackers of the homeland will do so.

We know now (with 14 blood soaked years’ worth of hindsight) that thousands did just that. And a great many payed with their lives, bodies or minds. Many more in fact than died on that dark day captured on the Naudets’ video tape.

This all begs a fairly obvious question. If the movie the two brothers were making was a propaganda film from the very start, who were they really working for?

I can think of one obvious candidate.






*There was one express elevator that ran to the top, but realistically, how much of the fuel could have found it’s way down that shaft considering the bulk of it burned up in the initial impact fireball?

The clock ticks towards Year Zero

-Winston Smith

Imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever. Cultural Marxism is the lacing on that boot.

I’ve written at length on this blog about the threat posed by Cultural Marxism, but I’m still often asked, yes, but what is it exactly? And therein lays the problem, because it is a very difficult creature to define.

You see, in this context, Marxism doesn’t mean what most think it does. As the video below valiantly attempts to explain, traditional Marxism has always been seen to be a political struggle between the working classes and the ruling capitalist class; a desire to take power and the means of production out of the hands of the few and deliver it into the control of the many. It’s a fundamentally flawed idea, but simple enough to understand.

Cultural Marxism is an altogether different beastie; its disciples – by design – difficult to identify. You would imagine, for instance, that adherents to any form of Marxism would be, by necessity, of the political Left.

This is because most of us have yet to realize that within the great Hegelian dialectic in which we are now unwittingly being forced to participate, things have already moved on to the next phase. While the vast majority of people are still living in a Left/Right paradigm, the movers and shapers are well into the Synthesis phase.

In this phase – also known as the Third Way – Left and Right are being melded into a sociopolitical hybrid. That is partly of both, but effectively neither. Even in the political mainstream, it is often remarked that the two sides are becoming virtually indistinguishable. What is not generally admitted (because it is often not understood) is that this has always been the goal.

Cultural Marxists – who have spent the last eighty years infiltrating academia, the media, the entertainment industry, and just about every other institution with the power to influence public opinion – have relied upon the glacier like reactivity of the general public to help cloak their activities. They have known from the start that this race to the bottom would have to be nearing completion by the time the sleeping populace finally woke up to what was happening, or else the entire endeavor would likely fail.

At this point, I’m beginning to think they were giving the public too much credit.

The following video attempts to define what Cultural Marxism actually is. The interview from the superb Mind Renewed podcast (which I cannot recommend highly enough), focuses on just one aspect – education – to demonstrate how it is already critically affecting our society.

Dr. Duke Pesta : Common Core Update – Metrics, Muddle & Manipulation

We are joined again by Dr. Duke Pesta, professor of English at The University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, and Academic Director of FreedomProject Education, for an update on Common Core, the US education system’s so-called “Common Core State Standards Initiative”.

Touted as “a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English… created to ensure that all students graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and life, regardless of where they live”,  Common Core sounds almost too good to be true.
And so it is, according to Dr. Pesta, who explains that far from raising standards, Common Core actually lowers them, in the interests of engineering a compliant Global Citizenry for the nascent One-World Corporatist State.

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