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A sad loss



What terrible news, Michael C Ruppert has left us.

This message appeared today on Mike’s facebook page;

IN MEMORIAM MICHAEL C. RUPPERT, February 3, 1951–April 13, 2014. Sunday night following Mike’s Lifeboat Hour radio show, he was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This was not a “fake” suicide. It was very well planned by Mike who gave us few clues but elaborate instructions for how to proceed without him. His wishes were to be cremated, and as of this moment, there are no plans for a memorial service. However, I will be taking his show this coming Sunday night, April 20, and the entire show will be an In Memoriam show for Mike with opportunities for listeners to call in. It was my privilege to have known Mike for 14 years, to have worked with him, to have been mentored by him, and to have supported him in some of his darkest hours, including the more recent ones. I am posting this announcement with the blessing of his partner Jesse Re and his landlord, Jack Martin.Thank you Mike for all of the truth you courageously exposed and for the legacy of truth-telling you left us. Goodbye my friend. Your memory will live in our hearts forever. I have no more details to share than I am posting here. We should have much more information by Sunday night.   ~  Carolyn Baker
Mike’s seminal work ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ was a book which was instrumental in showing me my suspicions regarding the false nature of 9/11 were far from unfounded. It is a scholarly work of great complexity which I urge everyone to read.
Goodbye Mike, you will be sorely missed in the turbulent times ahead.


Abby Martin of RT pays a heartfelt tribute to Michael.

Michael C. Ruppert Suicide Note Released


THE HUNTER OF INVISIBLE PREY An Obituary for Michael C. Ruppert (1951-2014)


Note: It is no small tribute to Michael’s impact and importance that this little blog, which generally receives 30 to 70 hits per day, has had a staggering 5000 hits in just the last 24 hours, solely because of this announcement.

Mike,  you truly did make a difference. Godspeed brother.

Note 2: As I suppose is inevitable with a man like Mike, there has been a flurry of speculation on whether or not the great ‘conspiracy theorist’ was the victim of a conspiracy. Did he jump or was he pushed? I’m linking to these pieces by two of the people who knew him best in the hope that there can be a little more clarity on this going forward. It’s not for me to say what happened. I have my opinion but it’s irrelevant. The people who actually knew and loved him personally are far better placed to give the definitive answer.

Michael C Ruppert left four notes and a poem.


The anti-Establishment establishment




I know it can sometimes seem as if the main purpose of this blog is simply as a vehicle to allow me to rail against my former beliefs. And on the level of the purely personal, there is some truth to that.

The fact is, as examples of what’s wrong with our society go, I was a pretty good case study.

I was raised in a family of conservatives and from a very young age, began to notice what I saw as the limitations in that belief system. Racism and general bigotry played a significant  part in my family’s world view. It’s not that they were awful people, but rather that they had been socialised into a fairly narrow way of thinking.

My answer to this was to reject everything they stood for and become a lefty progressive.

‘Progressive’ the very word resonated for me. What could possibly be better than being progressive? It even has the word ‘progress’ built right in.

How did I choose to express my progressive nature? Did I study political theories, read Marx, join a labour movement? Err, not so much. No I opted instead for a more ‘bohemian’ life. I dressed as provocatively as possible, joined a band and started going to all the ‘right’ parties and openings. Like pretty much everyone else I knew at the time – inner city urbanites one and all – I saw myself as a living political statement. My rejection of ‘foolish’ traditions and values was, in my mind, a natural expression of my intellectual superiority.

I knew what was wrong with the world and by simply living in defiance of those flawed principles, I was going to sweep the old order aside. What could be simpler, right?

My hopelessly naïve attitude must have looked pretty amusing to a lot of people, especially those who’d been around the block a time or two. I loudly proclaimed my anti establishment street cred and argued loudly with everyone who dared express an alternative view to my alternative view.

You see, I had become an unthinking part of a different establishment; the anti-Establishment establishment. To us, the Right were the status quo and the Left were the force for change. God that sounds so stupid when I say it now.

The fact is, the views I expressed so vociferously were not my own thoughts. The words were not my own words. I had surrounded myself with so many right thinking (unthinking) friends that I knew exactly what to say in any situation to earn the required social validation. The problem is, I didn’t actually have a clue what I was talking about.

Criticism of one paradigm is not validation of another. Anyone can attack the weaknesses of an opposing idea; it’s recognising the weaknesses in your own that generates true progress. And on that score, I and those like me were as reactionary and uncompromising as the so called Establishment we loved to hate so much.

I’m deep into my life now. I have no idea how much time lies ahead of me, but it is certainly far less than stretches behind. From this perspective you start to see the world outside of the conditioning. I sit in cafés and pubs listening to the earnest young twenty somethings regurgitating the same old tired and unoriginal arguments. Somehow the fault still always lies with the other side.

That’s how the real controllers keep us in our place. That’s why nothing ever changes except to get much, much worse. They gave us this dualistic two party notion for that very reason. If we expend all our energy on hating the other team, we never ever get around to dealing with the true power that has been oppressing us for centuries.

And the best soldiers in their co-opted army of the damned are the oh so politically correct progressives, because they have a built in imperative to overthrow what they see as the established order and can therefore be steered in pretty much any direction by those who know just which buttons to push. From the perspective of the ruling elite, controlled opposition is the best opposition.

7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction



False flag terrorism and its ongoing role in Western democracies.

How to steal an Airplane

How to cook a planet

Ok, there are plenty of people who would accuse me of being ‘out there’ in my views regarding the true nature of the world. I accept that. Most people have enough trouble dealing with the world as it is presented by the matrix, let alone having to come to terms with concepts like secret societies, global paedophile rings, MKUltra and the occult practices of the Illuminati.

However, there is one subject I’ve quite deliberately steered clear of on this blog; Alien agenda theories.

This isn’t because I dismiss such theories. I have a very open and enquiring mind and have certainly researched the subject. If anyone is looking for a good point of entry into this fascinating area, I recommend the works of Richard Dolan, especially his three volume history; UFO’s and the National Security State.

No, the reason that I have avoided such content here is that, to be frank, it gives trolls and those who take scepticism to the level of cynicism far too easy a target. Sadly, there is very little critical thinking left in our society. Most people are content to be told what to think by any voice that can hit just the right note of bemused superiority. I suppose everyone wants to be friends with the cool kids.

However, several readers have asked me to give my thoughts on the subject of extra terrestrial visitation and how it relates to the secret keepers. I will write a piece at some point, but for now I offer you this intriguing piece by  Zen Gardner. They are not my thoughts, but they posit some fascinating ideas never the less.

Why the Deliberate Irradiation of Humanity and Planet Earth?

by Zen Gardner

Maybe it’s beyond most peoples’ current grasp of reality, but humanity is being steered. Ever so deftly, ever so slowly. Many will say it’s simply the banksters or corporate greed hounds, but there is much more than meets the oft unfocused, fluoridated eye.

Dot connecting can be fun, as well as pretty alarming. Especially when it points to off world or to other worldly aspects of our existence. It’s at that point that many will start to shut down. Ironic, when most of the world’s religions teach that very principle.

If those factors are not in someone’s equations I don’t know what to say. Maybe they haven’t researched enough. Maybe their awakening is purely on the geopolitical level. I don’t know. You have to admit, religion has done a bang up job of distancing the reality of spiritual involvement to a remote sector of the human psyche. Clever bastards.


That our planet is being influenced, steered and even controlled by outside influences becomes very apparent if you’re truly looking. Religions call it evil influences. Not far off if you ask me since in this context much of this manipulation appears to be clearly anti-human, but programmed religions very effectively keep their followers and adherants disempowered and boxed in nonetheless. Ours is to rise to a much fuller understanding…and hence empowerment, outside of hierarchical constraint systems.


Depopulation, Environmental Destruction and You

There are many questions as well as theories regarding the clearly engineered global destruction we are witnessing. Why would the “elites” do this to themselves and their own families? This argument is embraced by questions about chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride, vaccinations and the rest. It’s easily answered on many conjectured levels. One, they don’t partake of them to a large extent, or have special antidotes to these chemical invasions. That and/or they’re convinced the overarching program is so profoundly important any sacrifice is justified.

Does it matter?

What we’re witnessing is so massively pre-contemplated and executed it would be hard for an impartial judge to say we’re not being exterminated. Systematically. That’s where the weirdness comes in and where group incredulity takes root. It’s just too damn weird. So they shelve the thought and keep robotically putting along.

Let’s Take It Further

Accounts regarding why we are being bombarded with toxins, our being deliberately dumbed down, and the reality that earth’s environment is being drastically altered have produced many theories. All of them valid until thoroughly dismissed.

It’s ours to wonder and discover, not be shut down.

After many years of research I have come to some apparently startling realizations. Shared by many, shunned by more.

We are not alone. We never have been. Our Universe is alive and we are but a small speck of life in the great Cosmos. Hence, that aspect of our existence must be part of our overall viewpoint. Wouldn’t you agree?

The Radiation Agenda

This program began a long, long time ago. Humanity has been bombarded with radiation fallout since its “discovery”.  Just look here at the degree of this insanity:

Now tell me no one thought this through and that the after effects wouldn’t alter humanity’s course and development in a negative way. The point here is that at some level they know, and something’s driving them.

This begins to put Fukushima and the massive proliferation of dangerous nuclear energy reactors and x-ray intensive food, health and security technology into a much more profound perspective. They know, but either they don’t care in their craze to profit from this technology financially and militarily, or perhaps we’re looking at something as disturbing as terraforming; changing the very environment of our home as well as its inhabitants to fit some other, unknown and über Machiavellian agenda.

And that doesn’t mean all those involved in this insanity know what they are part of. That’s a fundamental truth of almost every agenda of this weird matrix now enveloping our planet. The go-fers right up the chain are as dumb as bricks, blinded by their lust for wealth, power and control. An easy drug to pass out for the Controllers steering these jerkwads.

Nuclear Reactors Around the World


The crisis at in reactors Japan’s Fukishima nuclear power station has focused attention on the world’s nuclear power industry. But how big is it exactly?

This database, from the World Nuclear Association gives us some idea. We’ve scraped a list of every operational nuclear reactor around the world – and its location, power rating and operating company.

The list gives a unique picture of the state of the world in nuclear power. Monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the industry in Japan has been criticised for being less than forthcoming over what’s happening inside Fukushima.

And Japan is certainly a major nuclear power – with a high proportion of boiling water reactors, such as the kind that are overheating at Fukushima today.

Here’s how the data looks on a map:

Fullscreen version

But how old are they? Over 60 of the world’s operating reactors were opened before 1975, the vast majority in the US.



Nuclear Weapon Madness – Some 23,300 nuclear weapons are stored at 111 locations around the world

The world’s approximately 23,300 nuclear weapons are stored at an estimated 111 locations in 14 countries, according to an overview produced by FAS and NRDC.

Nearly half of the weapons are operationally deployed with delivery systems capable of launching on short notice.

The overview is published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and includes the July 2009 START memorandum of understanding data. A previous version was included in the annual report from the International Panel of Fissile Materials published last month. MORE>>

Insane enough yet? The planet has been land mined every which way from Sunday. This doesn’t touch on genetic engineering, EMF utilization, vaccines and pharmaceuticals or the massive overt geoengineering program, one of the most obvious cases of terraforming, and for that reason the most denied.


Do you really think this is to benefit humanity? It’s so off the charts Orwellian wrong the “normal” fully chemicalized, nano-particalled, entrained and zapped human mind just shuts down. As it was programmed to do.

What Are They Up To?

Good question. We need to think big. And perhaps a little bit scary, especially for the inter-dimensional awareness neophyte. This is where the awareness rubber meets the reality road. Until we awaken to these Truths we will never get the full picture.

Try this one on for size, from the gifted and deeply insightful Neil Hague:


In Hindu Mythology the Angels and demons are referred to as the Rakshasas (below) and in the holy books called the Vedas It is mentioned that the material world is governed by demons. Exactly what the Cathars said in 12th Century France. These inter-dimensional ‘beings’ are said to be able to move backwards and forwards (or in and out) of our world through portals in the space-time fabric. According to the Italian physicist and author Giuliana Conforto, these holes or portals are crevices that house pernicious angels or gluons, which are nuclear by nature.

The nuclear force, one of the four components of the universe, is said to give pernicious angels their form. The splitting of the atom and the need for plutonium as a vehicle for war and energy is of great importance to a consciousness that feeds off our world from what Conforto calls the ‘inter-space planes’. The portals that these creatures use to traverse time and enter our reality have been opened up in some cases through governmental nuclear abuse (Fukishima anyone?) and in fact, some writers have indicated that nuclear weaponry may have been used in more ancient epochs?

How’s that for a shot of conscious cappuccino? This nuclear agenda is all throughout our real history. Think CERN and you’ll get a picture of desperate whacked out scientists trying to reach this realm in other ways – and even they say they don’t know what will “come out of” the dimensional hole they’re boring! (See more about CERN HERE.)

CERN collider with superimposed Shiva, sculpture in front of the facility


As we know, any closed system has its own justification system. “It’s just power freaks and that’s all it is.” “Why do we have to talk about alien influences or weird ball greys, reptilians, archons, gluons or other such strange unknown races invading and occupying our space? We have problems to deal with here!”

Ha! Just wait until the veil is split wide open!

But until then, it’s ours to investigate and learn, because knowledge breeds empowerment. Truth breeds love and inherent answers to our human condition. Light trumps darkness by a factor of infinity.

It’s that simple. Turn it on.

We can argue ourselves blue in the face about any of these subjects. Most issues are designed to keep us in the geopolitical narrative where we harangue each other and spit nails against the clearly manipulative matrix we’re seemingly imprisoned by. That clearly has its place but we need to draw some serious conclusions as to where we are going and why.

Find out for yourself, but never discount anything until you’ve given it open-minded and open-hearted consideration.

What we can do about such an infestation remains to be seen. I know for me it’s all about conscious awareness wherein I find unlimited peace and confidence. The Universe has designed, or allowed, all of these influences, and empowered us to overcome and transcend all of them.

Ours is to respond – with courage and conviction. That comes with a personal grasping of our true condition, both here and in the Infinite potential of the eternal human Spirit. A gift we must not squander.

The adventure continues. Be sure to enjoy it!

Much love always,


Alberta student’s science project finds high radiation levels in grocery-store seafood

In case you were wondering.

Dear Friends,

It’s hard to know how much of the bad news consists of new problems, and how much is long standing trouble just now being revealed.   In any case, the site itself is deteriorating- new leaks abound.  The area around Unit 4, where the precarious operation of removing spent fuel rods  from the damaged spent fuel pool, is so radioactive that lead plates have to be put on the ground to protect the workers.  Unit 3 also has a spent fuel pool; it is so damaged that Tepco hasn’t even addressed the problem of removing the rods.

Spread of radiation within Japan is being acknowledged more and more- one physician recommends removing all children from Tokyo.  Spread outside Japan is also worrisome- evidently the radioactive plume in the Pacific doesn’t disperse, but moves in a confined narrow band toward the West Coast of North America.

The third anniversary of the original disaster- 3/11/11- is coming up.  Sign the petitions above, and look for an event near you at

Peace, Carol Wolman   2-14
Situation at the devastated nuclear power plant continues to deteriorate. TEPCO experts are still striving to contain radioactive water that has been trickling between the seams. It emerged earlier that the previous estimates were doctored to underplay the threat [...]

The end begins

There is simply no other commentator in the US today who is as insightful or relevant as Chris Hedges. He stands, head and shoulders, above the herd and demands that you witness his indignation and righteous rage at the ignoble actions of the ruling elite. His passion and his intellectual prowess command your respect and attention. Ok, that’s enough ebullient praise from me.

Our Sinister Dual State

Chris Hedges

On Thursday the former National Security Agency official and whistle-blower William E. Binney and I will debate Stewart A. Baker, a former general counsel for the NSA, P.J. Crowley, a former State Department spokesman, and the media pundit Jeffrey Toobin. The debate, at Oxford University, will center on whether Edward Snowden’s leaks helped or harmed the public good. The proposition asks: “Is Edward Snowden a Hero?” But, on a deeper level, the debate will revolve around our nation’s loss of liberty.

The government officials who, along with their courtiers in the press, castigate Snowden insist that congressional and judicial oversight, the right to privacy, the rule of law, freedom of the press and the right to express dissent remain inviolate. They use the old words and the old phrases, old laws and old constitutional guarantees to give our corporate totalitarianism a democratic veneer. They insist that the system works. They tell us we are still protected by the Fourth Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Yet the promise of that sentence in the Bill of Rights is pitted against the fact that every telephone call we make, every email or text we send or receive, every website we visit and many of our travels are tracked, recorded and stored in government computers. The Fourth Amendment was written in 1789 in direct response to the arbitrary and unchecked search powers that the British had exercised through general warrants called writs of assistance, which played a significant part in fomenting the American Revolution. A technical system of surveillance designed to monitor those considered to be a danger to the state has, in the words of Binney, been “turned against you.”

We live in what the German political scientist Ernst Fraenkel called “the dual state.” Totalitarian states are always dual states. In the dual state civil liberties are abolished in the name of national security. The political sphere becomes a vacuum “as far as the law is concerned,” Fraenkel wrote. There is no legal check on power. Official bodies operate with impunity outside the law. In the dual state the government can convict citizens on secret evidence in secret courts. It can strip citizens of due process and detain, torture or assassinate them, serving as judge, jury and executioner. It rules according to its own arbitrary whims and prerogatives. The outward forms of democratic participation—voting, competing political parties, judicial oversight and legislation—are hollow, political stagecraft. Fraenkel called those who wield this unchecked power over the citizenry “the prerogative state.”

The masses in a totalitarian structure live in what Fraenkel termed “the normative state.” The normative state, he said, is defenseless against the abuses of the prerogative state. Citizens are subjected to draconian laws and regulations, as well as arbitrary searches and arrests. The police and internal security are omnipotent. The internal workings of power are secret. Free expression and opposition political activity are pushed to the fringes of society or shut down. Those who challenge the abuses of power by the prerogative state, those who, like Snowden, expose the crimes carried out by government, are made into criminals. Totalitarian states always invert the moral order. It is the wicked who rule. It is the just who are damned.

Snowden, we are told, could have reformed from the inside. He could have gone to his superiors or Congress or the courts. But Snowden had numerous examples—including the persecution of the whistle-blower Thomas Drake, who originally tried to go through so-called proper channels—to remind him that working within the system is fatal. He had watched as senior officials including Barack Obama lied to the public about internal surveillance. He knew that the president was dishonest when he assured Americans that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which meets in secret and hears only from the government, is “transparent.” He knew that the president’s statement that Congress was “overseeing the entire program” was false. He knew that everything Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the press, the Congress and the public about the surveillance of Americans was a lie. And he knew that if this information was to be made available to the public he would have to do so through a few journalists whose integrity he could trust.

I was a plaintiff before the Supreme Court in Clapper v. Amnesty International, which challenged the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. This act authorizes surveillance without a showing, or probable cause, that a targeted person is an agent of a foreign power. The court dismissed our lawsuit because, it said, the idea that we were targets of surveillance was “based too much on speculation.” That Supreme Court ruling was then used by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals to deny the credibility, or standing, of the other plaintiffs and me when it heard the Obama administration’s appeal of our successful challenge to Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a provision that permits the U.S. military to detain citizens in military facilities, strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely. The government, in both court cases, did not attempt to defend the surveillance and detention programs as constitutional. It said that I and the other plaintiffs had no right to bring the cases to court. And the courts agreed.

This deadly impasse, the tightening of the corporate totalitarian noose, would have continued if Snowden had not jolted the nation awake by disclosing the crimes of the prerogative state. Snowden’s revelations triggered, for the first time, a genuine public debate about mass surveillance. Since the disclosures, three judges have ruled on the NSA’s surveillance program, one defending it as legal and two accusing the NSA of violating the Constitution. A presidential panel has criticized the agency’s blanket surveillance and called for reform. Some members of Congress—although that body authorized the Patriot Act and its Section 215, which ostensibly permitted this wholesale surveillance of the public—have expressed dismay at the extent of the NSA’s activities and the weakness of its promised reforms. Maybe they are lying. Maybe they are not. Maybe reforms will produce improvements or maybe they will be merely cosmetic. But before Snowden we had nothing. Snowden’s revelations made us conscious. And as George Orwell wrote in his dystopian novel “1984”: “Until they become conscious they will never rebel. …”

“Now, we’re all familiar with Congress’ most dramatic oversight failure,” said Ben Wizner, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union Speech, Privacy & Technology Project and a legal adviser to Snowden, in a recent debate over Snowden with R. James Woolsey, a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency. “And this was in the notorious exchange between Sen. Ron Wyden and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Wyden had asked, did the NSA collect any type of data on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans? Clapper’s answer was, ‘No, sir.’ Now, this brazen falsehood is most often described as Clapper’s lie to Congress, but that’s not what it was. Wyden knew that Clapper was lying. Only we didn’t know. And Congress lacked the courage to correct the record—allowed us to be deceived by the director of national intelligence.”

Societies that once had democratic traditions, or periods when openness was possible, are often seduced into totalitarian systems because those who rule continue to pay outward fealty to the ideals, practices and forms of the old systems. This was true when the Emperor Augustus dismantled the Roman Republic. It was true when Lenin and the Bolsheviks seized control of the autonomous soviets and ruthlessly centralized power. It was true following the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazi fascism. Thomas Paine described despotic government as a fungus growing out of a corrupt civil society. And this is what has happened to us.

No one who lives under constant surveillance, who is subject to detention anywhere at any time, whose conversations, messages, meetings, proclivities and habits are recorded, stored and analyzed, can be described as free. The relationship between the U.S. government and the U.S. citizen is now one of master and slave. Yet the prerogative state assures us that our rights are sacred, that it abides by the will of the people and the consent of the governed.

The defense of liberty, which Snowden exhibited when he cast his fortune, his safety and his life aside to inform the public of the forces arrayed against constitutional rights, entails grave risks in dual states. It demands personal sacrifice. Snowden has called us to this sacrifice. He has allowed us to see who we are and what we have become. He has given us a chance. He has also shown us the heavy cost of defiance. It is up to us to seize this chance and dismantle the prerogative state. This means removing from power those who stole our liberty and lied to us. It means refusing to naively trust in their promised reform—for reform will never come from those who are complicit in such crimes. It will come through Americans’ construction of mass movements and alternative centers of power that can mount sustained pressure. If we fail to sever these chains we will become, like many who did not rise up in time to save their civil societies, human chattel.



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