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The intelligent know how to think. The 'educated' know what to think.

Communitarianism (the word wordpress thinks is a spelling mistake)

‘Everything we wrote about Communitarianism since 2000 is happening openly today. But, so far we haven’t received one apology from one person we know who mocked us for our research. Our family and friends haven’t forgiven us (or themselves). Nobody has nominated us for a PhD or Pulitzer in Investigative Journalism, either (hahahaha, as if). We still haven’t been officially recognized for creating an entirely new school of philosophical thought because, under the dialectical theory, there can never BE any scientific argument opposing the final, perfect synthesis of all other theories.’

~ Niki Raapana

How to train your parrot

Winston Smith

First, buy your parrot a TV. Place parrot in front of set. Tune to mainstream media channel. To your amazement, the parrot will soon pick up the proscribed talking points of the week and be able to repeat them back as if it knows what it’s talking about. Curiously, the dumber the bird, the better it will be at this.

Second, constantly repeat key phrases whenever you are in the room with your parrot. Parrots are very good imitators of other people’s words, so your phrases can be fairly complicated and the parrot will still eventually pick them up. Try, ‘if you’re not doing anything wrong, there’s really nothing to fear from the NSA’. You’ll be amazed by how quickly your parrot can learn this quite word-heavy meme. Simpler phrases can be picked up much faster. A good one to try right off the bat is, ‘only crazy people believe in conspiracies’, or the even more basic, ‘someone would’ve talked’.

I know these phrases  just sound like pointless gibberish, but it can be quite amusing to hear such mindless certainty coming out of the beak of a stupid birdbrain.

Third, if you’re unhappy with your parrot’s progress, for instance you may be trying to train the little fecker to say, ‘ISIS is the new reason we have to give up all our rights’, but the parrot just keeps repeating ‘false flag, false flag!’ you may need to resort to threats.

Threats can be an effective technique in controlling your bird’s behavior. A method that I have found useful is to tune the parrot’s TV to a cooking channel where a chicken dinner is being prepared. As the parrot stares in shock and disbelief at the horror unfolding on the screen, repeat the phrase ‘they didn’t play along.’ over and over until it gets the message.

The above tips are all very effective tools for conditioning your bird. Give it a try yourself. You may enjoy the sense of power you experience when you achieve success.

Careful, though, it’s addictive.

I know, it’s only rock n roll

‘Flames were spurting out, but the women were too wrapped up in their performance to notice at first. But what was really shocking was that no one out of over one hundred people grouped around watching jumped forward to alert them. Or even toss a handy beaker of water over the conflagration. Instead, all heads turned to Jagger and Richards, who were seated in two throne-like chairs right at the head of the party. But they weren’t moving one muscle. Instead, they continued to watch with cold, dead eyes as the flames increased until they finally began burning the women’s flesh. They leaped up, screaming hysterically. After what seemed like an eternity, someone proffered some water and the flames were extinguished. Then one of the women – naked and humiliated – turned and stalked right up to the two Stones. For a second it looked as if she might hit one of them, but instead she stood only a matter of inches away from them both and spat out a series of vicious German curses directly in their faces. Yet there was no sign of shock. In fact, none of it seemed to register with the pair in the slightest. They just sat there, radiating this numb, burned-out cool, this ‘you-can-never-touch-me’ sense of otherness.’

~ Nick Kent ‘The dark stuff’


I don’t know much, but I do know this


This monkey’s gone to heaven

It is crazy to question authority in any way. Sane, well adjusted people simply accept all and any pronouncements that come down to us from the experts. Remember, if Dr Kildare taught us anything at all, it’s that a white coat is the symbol of infallibility.

To recap; questions = crazy.

Smith out.



Do not adjust your set

   Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art?


The loneliness of the long distance conspiracy theorist

Winston Smith


I’ve been thinking quite a lot of late, ruminating on all that I’ve discovered over the past eight or so years regarding the nature of our world.

In that time I’ve learned a great deal, sometimes to my regret. Now I carry around the weight of all that I’ve uncovered, but that’s fine, it’s no longer burdensome to me.

When I first set my feet upon this road, I very quickly began to feel terribly alone. Each new discovery would be followed by an entirely negative response from my friends and loved ones with whom I attempted to share this information; information that, to me, seemed vitally important.

I remember all too well the openly mocking and even hostile gazes I encountered whenever I attempted to explain the evidence I’d encountered surrounding the true nature of the events of 9/11. What I saw as a responsible act; a duty in fact, to warn the people I cared most about, they saw as an attack upon their own desperately held world view. In such a scenario, the lone voice speaking an unwelcome truth will inevitably be judged insane.

Strangely, as alienating as this situation was, I never once considered the possibility of simply recanting; never thought to put the information down and simply step away. I’m just not built that way.

Slowly, over time, my studies put me in contact with many other like-minded souls, people who shared my concerns about the obvious deception being perpetrated upon our society and the sinister future it was leading us all towards. In short, I found minds still capable of critical thinking and hearts courageous enough to stand up and be counted when it mattered.

That’s when the weight began to fall away. When you toil in isolation, encountering only negativity and scorn from those around you, it is very easy to begin to doubt your own sanity. Thanks largely to these extraordinary people, I have not found reason to doubt myself for a very long time. The very calibre of the souls I now choose to identify with, in personal relationships or at a distance through their work, has convinced me that true sanity is a rare and beautiful thing in this insane world and is to be appreciated and treasured all the more for that.

Just one of the people I have come to greatly admire is James Corbett. There is a good deal I could say about this courageous intellectual, but I’m going to let him speak for himself. This collection of videos is but a tiny sample of the massive contribution that Mr Corbett has made to the global awakening. I truly hope you will take the time to watch at least one of them.

It’s the fact that people like this share many of my views and concerns; have done the work and reached similar conclusions to my own, that tells me I’m still on course.

Please watch and listen without prejudice.







The man also has a wicked sense of humour.




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