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Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.




‘Err, can I phone a friend?’

Domestic warriors; the real terrorists


When did this happen? It’s been evolving (devolving?) since 9/11. The global police state has been developing like a cancer right under our noses. Few noticed, fewer still cared. Welcome to your New World Order.

Turning Policemen Into Soldiers, the Culmination of a Long Trend

Not Just Ferguson: 11 Eye-Opening Facts About America’s Militarized Police Forces

The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson

ferguson-police                                                                                Photo credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of US Police

Widespread militarization of Illinois police forces uncovered by I-Team




The Matrix Trilogy Decoded

This talk on the symbolism and meaning of the three Matrix movies is a wonderful introduction to the ideas and values that those who oppose the New World Order espouse. There is so much in these films (and V for Vendetta for that matter) that screams for your attention. The Audio is not as good as I’d like, but it’s definitely worth persevering with. Nice work Mr Passio.



Control grids



Remain outside


The Deformation

By Winston Smith


Noun: deformation

  1. A change for the worse
  2. Alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of the application of stress to it
  3. The act of twisting or deforming the shape of something


A few years ago now, I came upon an intriguing little tale floating around the web. I believe Alan Watt’s site Cutting through the Matrix may have been the place where I first heard it. Incidentally, if you are unaware of Alan’s work then you are truly coming into all of this at a distinct disadvantage and I suggest you go there now and spend the next few weeks absorbing the fruits of his not inconsiderable efforts. I’d start here, but I digress.

The story (which, at the time, I considered an apocryphal urban myth) went something like this: In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 20, 1969 there was a meeting. The then Medical Director of Planned Parenthood, a Dr Richard Day, was giving a private talk to local Pittsburgh Paediatricians. In the lecture there were to be no recording devices used and no notes taken. This was a curious stipulation for a meeting of health professionals.

However, what was discussed had very little to do with Paediatrics. Dr Day was there to tell his colleagues about The Agenda of a group he referred to as The Order, presumably the same group now most commonly called The New World Order.


Photo: Dr Richard Day

Day claimed that he was able to discuss the agenda with his colleagues because the plan was, by then, so far advanced that it was unstoppable. He then contradicted himself by saying that, were anyone to find out what he was saying in the meeting, he would be in big trouble.

And so the curious Doctors agreed not to keep a record of what was to be discussed. However, there was one Doctor present who possessed an eidetic memory (I know, a little convenient, but not beyond the bounds of possibility). This man, one Dr Dunegan, simply went home after the meeting and made copious notes of what he remembered of the lecture.

This brings me to another seeming contradiction in the story. Dunegan claimed that at the conclusion of the meeting, Day implanted some kind of hypnotic suggestion that made the Doctors forget most of what was discussed; saying that, when the agenda was further advanced, they would again have those memories restored so that they could participate in the great work. This begs the question; how was Dunegan able to remember the events?

It is possible, I suppose, that the same quirk that resulted in his eidetic memory also made Dunegan less susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. It is certainly true that not everyone can be ‘put under’. Regardless, Dr Dunegan claimed that when he talked to some of his colleagues just a few weeks later, none of them seemed able to give an account of what had been discussed at the meeting. For now we’ll give the good doctor the benefit of the doubt.

And so Dunegan went home and having made his notes, put them away in a draw where they remained pretty much forgotten until he rediscovered them in the mid-80s. When he looked them over again, he was struck by how much of what had been discussed in the meeting had come to pass in the intervening years. Realising that what he had written might actually be of more worth than he had originally believed, the story goes, Dr Dunegan set about making audio tapes from his notes and began disseminating the information.

Here in no particular order, are some of the topics that the notes covered;

  • Families were to diminish in importance. People would be encouraged to live alone.

Check – Agenda 21.

  • Euthanasia was to be encouraged – something called ‘the demise pill’ would be made available to those who wished to kill themselves.

Check – only happening in a few places so far, but certainly on the rise.

  • ID was to be required for all travel. They would implant RFIDs inside the skin of every citizen.

Check – We hear more and more about this every day.

  • Girls would be discouraged from playing with dolls so they wouldn’t think about babies. They would be encouraged to play games like soccer instead.

Check – This work continues apace.

  • Homosexuality was to be encouraged, presumably to reduce population growth.

Check – I’m not making any kind of moral judgement here, but this is certainly a very topical subject right now.

  • All TV sets would secretly be able to watch you back via cameras hidden within the screens.

Check – This isn’t even secret anymore. Most videogame consoles can watch you openly now.

  • Private Doctors were to be eliminated for the dubious reason that they made too much money.
  • Day claimed they could already cure over 98% of all cancers – they had the cures at the Rockefeller Institute, but they would not be released because there were too many people in the world.
  • They would make puberty come on earlier.

Check – The news is full of stories on this subject. Girls as young as eight have been recorded entering puberty.

  • Artificially induced heart attacks would be used as a means of assassination.

Check – but, to be cautious here, the CIA heart attack gun was produced before the Church Committee years previous to Dunegan going public (though not before 1969).

  • Births would be strictly controlled. People would not be able to simply have children because they wanted to.
  • The population would be disarmed.

They’re still trying hard on that one as far as the US is concerned. Britain and Australia, however, were both disarmed in the 90’s.

  • Health care would be made prohibitively expensive so that without insurance it would financially destroy the individuals who needed it. Hospitals would be discouraged from giving charity care.

Check – That certainly happened.

  • New, difficult to treat diseases would appear as a means of population control.

Again, AIDS was well underway by the time the good Doctor made his tapes public.

  • Those people considered stupid would be encouraged not to eat correctly and to avoid exercise so that they would die earlier. Running shoes and sports equipment would be made fashionable to encourage the ‘smart’ people to exercise.


  • Entertainment like music and TV would be used to program the young.


  • Readymade meals (unhealthy by design) would be sold in super markets to encourage the ‘lazy’ to die earlier.


  • All religions would be blended. Christianity would be totally eliminated, starting with the Roman Catholics. Then, a new ‘world’ religion would be created.
  • Education would transition into full indoctrination. Children would spend increasing amounts of time in school and away from the influence of their parents.


  • They would change the information in books as they saw fit. Some books would simply disappear.

Kindles are the revisionist’s wet dream.

  • Drug use would be encouraged. However, police enforcement of drug laws would be drastically increased.


  •  Food would be strictly controlled with people not allowed to grow their own. Growing or hoarding food would be illegal.

Getting closer all the time, Codex AlimentariusGoogle it.

  • Travel would be first made much cheaper to encourage people to spread out across the country/globe, but then made very expensive until few could afford it. This was another method of breaking down the family unit and turning everyone into individuals dependent on the State.
  • To cow and intimidate citizens into further dependence upon the state, crime would be allowed to flourish.


  • Vastly more jails would be built.


  • American manufacturing would be ‘off shored’ to the third world.

Check and check.

  • Sex and violence would be programmed into the population via popular entertainments.

Check – and to a far greater extent than could even have been imagined in ‘88 let alone ‘69.

  • The Order would have total control over what was in all food.

If by ‘The Order’ you mean Monsanto then – check.

  • They would have total control over all weather.

HAARP – Google it.

  • Terrorism would be utilized as a means of control over the population.

Do I even need to comment on this one?

  • Home ownership would disappear as a concept.

There are five empty houses for every homeless person in the US right now.

  • The threat of ‘nuclear terrorism’ might be necessary to pull the people into line.

Heard Cheney lately?

  • There would always be two reasons for all their actions, the public reason and the real reason. Day called this the ‘two faced presentation’.

The list goes on, but I think the point is made. As I’ve stated, I was of the opinion that this was all just an urban myth. The possibility that it might in fact be real only occurred to me when I chanced, quite accidentally, upon this blog

The blog confirms that both Dr Day and Dr Dunegan did indeed exist and held the posts that are attributed to them in the story. It also confirms that the tapes were indeed produced and are available (free of charge) here

Dr Dunegan passed away some years ago (2004) and the blog site appears to be run by his surviving family. This has, for me, given the entire tale a new and unexpected dimension. It is, of course, entirely possible that the good Doctor was simply a clever weaver of tall tales, but the fact that his own family were inclined to believe what he said and have continued to make his revelations available years after his passing speaks to me of a more intriguing (and frankly horrifying) possibility.


Your perceptions are not my reality



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